Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Taylor's 2nd Birthday BBQ

"A single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world"-Leo Buscaglia

Nicolas and I decided to celebrate Taylor's 2nd birthday with a bbq with all of our new friends in our new life. Being that we are masters of orchestrating great bbq's, we thought the idea of spending an afternoon in our garden with our new friends would be a great way for everyone to get to know our family, especially the birthday girl.

The day couldn't have been prettier. Blue skies, warm weather and the shade of our wonderful olive tree made for the perfect place to have our special celebration. Nonna came in the night before and helped with the children and the decor. She said to me, "Saquier has changed, the energy is different now", and I replied, "We are here now".

That thought bounced around in my head for the next few moments as I vividly flashed back to all of my long and emotional days in Hosptial de Ninos. Back then, never would I have thought that we would be here in France, on Papi Paul's vineyard, in the same playground that Nicholas played in as a child. And now here we are, Taylor strong, progressing, reacting, smiling, thriving and all of us as well. Really....a miracle.

All of our friends arrived, the music began, and the smell of grilling meats and sausages wafted through the air with the gentle breeze. The conversations flowed with Bellet wine, and the laughter of the kids playing echoed in the background. The surrounding scenery of the blooming vines, the olive trees and the rugged mountains across the valley embraced us and made for beautiful pictures bringing out the natural and kind essence of our friends.
As we sang happy birthday to Taylor and blew out the two candles on her Tarte Tropezienne, I noticed that we were in the center of the circle. I grinned as I knew Taylor and Isabella are the center of our universe.

The day ended, and as Nicholas, Nonna, Girla, Taylor and myself relaxed in the garden, the peaceful quiet returned and we sank back into our chairs and cushions and just felt the love.

Happy Birthday Taylor.

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