Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Tale of Princess Nanny

by Juanita Viale and Isabella Viale

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess from Vienna named Princess Nanny. She was the most beautiful princess, no arugas, not viejita, but very beautiful.

One day as she was looking out the window of her majestic castle, she saw the ocean, and how pretty the waves of the crystalline ocean moved, she thought to herself, "ahhh, how much I would love to meet a prince and smell the flowers he would bring me."
Then in the distance she heard something, and it became louder and louder. What could it be?

"Tabouleh, tabouleh, freshly made, buy it today, Taboulehhhh!!!!"

She looked down from her window, and saw this tall, poor peasant selling Tabouleh. However, he didn't look like the usual peasant from the nearby village. There was something different.
He was tall, and she saw the reflection of the sun from the top of his head, and in that moment, as she saw the light, the poor peasant Tabouleh salesman, looked up, and smiled politely at her.

It was as if lightning struck, for the princess could not move, she was frozen. Her heart was racing, but she could not let anyone see her face, because a princess can never be caught with rosy red cheeks. Her dignity as a innocent royal princess might be lost along with her virtue.

She quickly turned around and went to her bed and sat there listening to her heart pounding not knowing what to do next.

The dinner bell rang, and the princess washed her face before she floated down the stairs to the dining quarters. She sat down at the table and the butler removed the sterling silver cover from her dinner plate. She gasped. She couldn't believe it. Tabouleh.

The queen mother Isabelle asked, "My darling Marie, you looked as if you saw a ghost, what is the matter?"
"Nothing Mother, everything is fine. It is just that this is the best smelling Tabouleh I have ever smelled" she quickly replied.
"Yes, we had it specially delivered because your father, King Segundo, tasted it the other day and immediately fell in love with it."

So did she, she thought to herself.

She ate the entire plate, and asked for seconds. She couldn't get enough. King Segundo was so pleased he asked his staff to go fetch the good man that made such a favorable Tabouleh.

A few moments later, the tall peasant walked in and the princess held her breath and kept her eyes on her plate afraid her parents would notice.

"Kind Sir, please tell us where you are from" the King politely demanded.

" I am of Russian descent my Lord, and I come from God's country", he proudly proclaimed.

In that moment, the princess accidentally knocked her wine goblet over, spilling the red wine all over her embroidered dress.

"Ahhh!", she screamed.

Immediately, the poor peasant ran over and took a dining napkin to her big bosoms to wipe of the wine. The princess fainted from the touch of his hands upon her breast and fell into his arms.

After the peasant carried her to the sofa, the King held his sword and knighted the poor peasant for saving his daughter. When the princess woke up, the peasant Tabouleh salesman was dressed in his new knighthood attire and stood on one knee before her.

He asked, "My kind princess, ,would you give me the honor of giving me your hand in marriage?".
She looked at him and asked "Do you have Tatoo?".
"No", he replied, " I don't have Tatoo."
A moment later, she looked deeply into his eyes and faintly whispered, "Only if you give me another bowl of your Tabouleh."

And they lived happily ever after.

The End

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